ZMI Portec Slakers

The ZMI Portec Slaker is the definition of smart design.
We’ve taken the best slaker on the market and made it even better.

Fully automated temperature Control
It’s fully automated temperature control consistently provides a highly reactive lime slurry. It’s equipped with a temperature transmitter, a magnetic flow meter and a flow control valve to operate in a fully automated fashion after start up. The temperature transmitter controls the slaking water rate to operate the slaker at optimum slaking temperature. Manual valves with solenoids control water to the seals and the dust arrestor. Temperature operated valves supply emergency water in case of a temperature runoff. The ZMI Slaker is also available with a temperature switch, manual slaking water flow control and a flow-indicator.

ZMI Portec Lime Slakers Provide:

  • High Solids Concentration (25%)
  • Completely Mixed – No Hot Spots
  • Accepts quicklime up to ¾” size
  • Forced draft wet scrubber for effective steam/dust removal
  • Vibrating screen for grit removal (optional)
  • 8 different sizes (500 lbs – 52,000 lbs)
  • Available with fully automated controls package

Giving “Standard Design” a whole new meaning
Safety is a priority in all design decisions. The metal screens on inspection ports, shaft rotation monitor, high temperature alarm and emergency water flush are just some of the safeguards we’ve built into the standard design.

ZMI Portec Brochure & Specs