Reduce Chemical Consumption

What’s preventing you from an optimized reagent preparation system?
The list of factors resulting in excessive use of chemicals is long and as unique as your system. Our entire focus is on helping you minimize the quantity of chemical consumed and maintained so you can reduce your cost.

Identifying the key contributors to the overuse of chemicals can be tricky. We’ve listed below just a small portion of the many factors that could be affecting the performance of your plant and resulting in excessive chemical usage.

Do any of the following apply to your facility?

  • Personnel changeover: operators get reassigned to new tasks or find a new job and the new operators don’t get the required training.
  • Secondary systems get secondary attention: due to the workload, your system ends up getting less attention than required, resulting in poorly controlled operation parameters.
  • Aging system components: over time system components have aged and they haven’t been properly maintained ‘Band aid’ solutions are only a temporary fix and prevent the system components from performing as designed.
  • Recording costs: often low per kilogram cost of the chemical can be deceiving and its overall impact is not seen until $/kg is multiplied by the amount of chemical consumed in a month/year.

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Better process control achieves better results with less chemical consumed.