Applied Care ᵀᴹ​ Program

An experienced eye can often spot trouble before it starts
Your service staff are good, but busy. Your Reagent System is likely in desperate need of attention but no one has had a chance to look after it. That’s why we created the Applied Care ᵀᴹ Program which is structured to assist your in-house team in maintaining your System so it can continue to function at optimum performance for years to come.

Our Applied Care ᵀᴹ Program is designed to ensure your System gets the attention it needs. Our team of specialized experts will work to prolong your system’s life and increase its overall efficiency by reducing unexpected system breakdowns.

Reduce maintenance costs
Throughout the program safety issues will be routinely examined, operations and maintenance training will take place and key replacement parts are recommended to limit emergency downtime due to equipment failure.

We will ensure you are running a safe, efficient and reliable system for years to come.

You can’t afford to wait
Get one of our specialist on-site today! Contact us to customize a service program that addresses your biggest concerns.